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Need a boost to achieve your equestrian goals? 
Ruth Dickens:- BHS II (registered and insured), UK Sports Council level 3 coach, NLP Practitioner, Successful competitor and trainer for affiliated disciplines of BE Eventing (competing to CCI* international three day level), BS Show Jumping, BD Dressage, Trec and Team Chasing, and participant and trainer for the great art of happy hacking. 
With 20 years of experience in training Police Horses and Riders to face the most extreme of situations Ruth has become a specialist in coaching horses and riders for confidence...
More than that, she is someone who remembers how to have FUN with horses!
Bridless in the stubble!
Ruth has studied British Equestrianism, Western Riding and with more “Natural” horse people. She specialises in assisting horses and riders become confident within themselves, with each other and in their environment, and offers help with whatever YOU wish to achieve...

..........Clients observe that often I am an “interpreter” between horse and rider, clearing up misunderstandings and misconceptions.


I have no agenda, just experience, enthusiasm and a desire to assist you realise your personal goals. No goal too large, silly or small.
Choosing someone to help with your equine is a very personal thing, browse this web site menu to see more, or;-
To see my coaching philosophy visit www.upbeatequestrian.co.uk/upbeattrainingphilosophy.html
Feel free to contact me for a personal chat, no obligation!
Based in Yorkshire. 
Leading Ledger winner Dettori



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