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  1. Jay at bishop, photo courtesy of Trafford PhotographyJay and I have had to be a bit strategic in our jumping, with due deference to his recent splint, so our next jumping lessons were indoor XC in style. We jumped single fillers with no wings, at strange angles, plus “water ditches” to open him out followed by tight turns to skinnies, a corner....... all good fun and low impact from low jumps.

    I can’t overestimate how much we gained from these sessions, up to now I have always tried to make each jumping session as “perfect” as

  2. Just back from a walk wA LOT has happened since my last blog, the trouble is once there is a lot to write then it is harder to start. So, I guess to catch up a little is better than not to write at all, so here goes.....

    We left in November where I was back from physio, and into jumping in a big way. Not actually jumping big fences, but jumping a few times a week as I have missed it so much. To balance the work for Jay and for me, I also started walking both Jay and my 8 month puppy,Talos, around the village together. Its like walking a big dog and a small dog (although Talos is quite big now), for all three of us to get some exercise.  Both of them walk

  3. Jay made of VelcroThis  week winter has come in, frozen fingers in the morning and a nip in the air. Very different from the golden autumn sunshine of my last blog.

    This month has been good, for 2 weeks of it I was off to have treatment for my sore hip. It makes me smile that if Jay had needed treatment then he would have had it long ago, but when I need some TLC I tend to put it off until it is quite necessary. 2 weeks of stretching, swimming and physio later and we are back up and at it, starting jumping as a regular thing.

    It seems that Jay has stayed on top of his game, despite so long without jumping, he has just been waiting for me to


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