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Hello and Goodbye!

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B16Last time I left with the imminent arrival of Betty... I am happy to say she was everything we hoped she would be, talented, sane, sound..... and would you believe we have SOLD her already! Yes, there is a story behind that!

Sadly after just four rides I hit the problem that my hip, that had been doing so much better, was hurting. After a year off, after resting and physio, then the ArcEquine and swimming, running and cycling.... after all of that I really thought it would all be OK. I know that the clues were there, I have stopped riding large horses for clients as they hurt, but Betty was very comfortable despite her size, she moved well with suspension, and I thought it would be OK...

It was obvious that Betty's size was not going to suit me, and she was a bit too green for David on his own, so she needed selling. Keeping her in work and showing her for sale would be a problem if I could not ride her, so I called Margaret Duggan, who I often recommend to clients, and asked for help.

Betty was dispatched the very same day, she was only here for 9 days, and went on a selling livery. Mags could not have been more helpful, Betty had a huge stable, turnout, walker, and daily schooling.  Mags helped with photos for adverts, videos, and her daughter Chantelle took Betty to BS shows 3 weeks running so she would have a portfolio.

Betty's sales video is here...


I thought that the first person to come and try her would buy her, as she is even better in the flesh than on paper. Happily a lovely lady, who used to be a pro rider but who now wants to have a huge amount of fun with her own horse, tried Betty, schooled, jumped and hacked her, and bought her straight away. She, like me, thought Betty was undervalued, and I like that as it means that she sees the true potential  and worth of the horse.

Sadly, Jay man is not doing so well. He was re-scanned after 5 weeks and was doing very well, but just before the scan 3 months after that he started to show strange symptoms. He was not sound, and seemed to be uncoordinated on his back end, staggering and almost falling over on a couple of occasions. Back at the vet hospital I asked for him to be tested as a wobbler, and he tested positive to some of the tests.

This is far more concerning, as a true wobbler will be progressive. Jay had Xrays, but nothing definitive. The vet recommended absolute rest, and 4 weeks of steroids so if it were impingement on his nervous system by inflammation this could be resolved. He is to be re-tested back at the hospital after this 4 weeks to see where we are.

Initial signs are not encouraging,  Jay has been uncoordinated and staggered sideways on a few occasions, but we will complete the 4 week course and let the vet re-examine. All in all though it does not seem at the moment that Jay will return to ridden work, and if he continues to be uncoordinated on his rear end then I am not so sure he would enjoy being a pasture ornament either.

In the midst of this I was feeling somewhat fed up, and on Facebook an invite came through from England Rugby, for any ladies to go to Harrogate Rugby Club for a fun session, non contact and safe, for some fun training and free meal and drink.

I want to know exactly when it was that the idea of me doing something like that became laughable? OK, so it did not turn out well for me (!), but the idea was not so silly, was it? I managed to leave that session with a split open head and a headache that has lasted for days, but the idea? Seemed like a good one at the time!

David is so keen that I don't look for other activities while I have no horse to ride that we have started a search for another already. With Jay off for minimum a year, and more likely forever, and me not being able to ride a big'un any more, we have started today to look for a little'un.

New shopping list... 15.2 -16hh, 5-9 yrs, talented but sane, sound, sensible enough to hunt, a bit of comp experience, no sarcoids, sweet itch, head shakers etc..... Really just like Betty, but smaller.  

Other than that I am having great fun teaching; people out hacking who would not have felt confident to do so before, people having fun learning to jump, we are even looking at doing some Dressage Anywhere with a couple of yards, where you video the test and have it independently judged. 

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