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StablesIt has been AGES (over 2 years) since my last blog. Jay became a wobbler, he had treatment that meant we had 2 more summers of hacking about the lanes together, and then he had 6 months proper retired. Wobblers is a horrid thing and in the end it was kinder to say goodbye.

Losing Jay was awful, and I took a while to grieve. This summer I have pulled my socks up, we have cleaned out the tack room, upgraded the arena, tidied up the fields and I am now ready to look for a new friend.

I am so soft in my condition that I think I may look for a friendly cob to start with. As a confidence coach I know only too well how destructive it is to over horse yourself. I also think that as I am getting older my priorities have changed from how big a fence I can jump to how nice a relationship I can have.


My relationship with my horse was always important, but when Jay was ill I had a horse here to get fit for a friend after the horse had been off work for 6 months. The horse was great, we did hacking, schooling, started popping fences and even hired a few venues to get him out and about. I *could* have bought the horse as he was for sale, but I realised that I would rather just hack around the lanes with Jay than do competition with the other horse. It seems relationship has become more important than achievement.

Once I am fit and up riding again I will probably find a second horse, probably more a ‘competition’ model again, but still to have relationship as my first priority. I prefer to have 2 here, it means that I can go out hacking with friends and my horses have a pal.

Hoping for happy hunting!

Meanwhile I have been back to America, this time I have completed the Level 1 Equine Craniosacral course. I am not planning on using this therapy on clients’ horses, but I was interested to learn more about it as Jay and I had a lot of treatment to ease his wobblers and my hip/back issues. For such a gentle therapy it was very effective.

I know that the anatomy and feel for the flow of energy within the horse will help me see movement and restrictions in all horses, and I will treat my own horse, whoever I get.

The course was great, many like minded people, who see value in all horses, all working for the good of the horse.


As always, when I come back from a trip such as this I do feel refreshed and ready to learn more from (and with) horses.

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