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Dancing in the snow

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Dancing in the snowSnow, snow and more snow. I seem to have spent a lot of this week shovelling.
While the snow was very bad Sherlock was a model citizen and just strolled around. Today he decided that <BLOG_BREAK>the snow is only half as deep as it was and enough was enough, and he needed to move his body! Snow without shoes has proved much better than with, and I have just fetched him in safe and sound. Some days he plays a whole lot more, but than I have to decide video or still camera, and I do like Photos!
I have a mix of both photos and video, and Sherlock dancing for us as opposed to us dancing around him. I made a music video of Sherlock dancing in the snow, click the link below. Enjoy!
When the snow was at it's worst we had controlled exercise, for last year's blog comment on the games Sherlock and I play to keep each other sane in these conditions, click on the link below.
I also have a link to a set of three training videos that you may like to look at if you are inside and unable to ride. I found them interesting and well explained, from connecting the horse, to the walk, to suppling the horse. Click on the link below....
The link works at the moment, but it is a time limited opportunity to see the videos for free.
I am studying my home study for the NLP, and am finding it hard going. The material is full of big words that I don't know (yes, I know, that sounds like a joke, but it is not, there really are a lot of big words that I don't know!) and it is teaching me to no panic when I feel overawed by the subject matter.
A few years ago I did a similar coaching workshop at the BHS HQ at Stoneleigh, and in that workshop we covered a lot of the techniques. That course was very much practical based, with someone showing us how to do the technique in a live situation and then we did the technique, under supervision, also live. I found that course fun, effective and easy to do, as I do not seem to have stage fright in that way and I connected with the material in a practical setting.
I have a load of reading material and CDs to cover at present, and it is not proving "fun" to me at the moment. I am, however, being kind to myself and giving myself points for persistance. The course ends with a 7 day practical element, which I think I will find fun, but meanwhile.......
Other than that I am using the "snow time" to work on my Tango Dancing again. As I promised myself, I have started to take private lessons so I can avoid the confusion and disorientation I felt in a class for beginners. I am treating myself to a learning experience that feels good, rather than berating myself for not feeling good in a class situation. Treating myself feels good!



This update is following a “comment” to this blog, see the comment in the "comments" section below.


.........Thanks Gail. The promise of the 7 day practical element is what is keeping me going!

 I started this Practitioner course as I already know some of the benefits of NLP. The biggest way it has affected me personally so far is by listening to how I speak to myself. I found that in the past I was quite rude and destructive to myself, eg, I would say to myself "Aaaagh I am so STUPID" if I made a mistake. It was through some NLP training that I learned to be more specific but less personal when I made a mistake, such as "Oh, I did not recognise that I had so much tension in my right hand, I will monitor this in the future and see how that affects Sherlock".

It is because the NLP that I have done has made such a difference to me, and finding that my experience then translates to recognise when people that I teach are also being hard on themselves and to be able to help them with that, that I am so keen to learn more.

I have chosen a training provider who I have spoken to and trust. The NLP course and practitioner qualification itself is not an equestrian based thing, but this provider is basing the 7 day element at an equestrian centre so we can practice the practical elements with fears/ blocks/ phobias that are equine based. It will also probably mean that the other people taking the course are interested in equestrianism, I would imagine a fair few will also be professional trainers. Meeting with other professional trainers is always fun, a hotbed of learning all of its own.

The disappointment that I have had has been with the generic material, some of which rubs up against my ethics. I have actually been a little disappointed to see just how easily we, as humans, can have our minds “bent” by clever timing and words, I guess I always thought I was more of an independent thinker than that.

I am concerned that it is possible to “remove” fear. I prefer to examine the fear to see what our inner guidance is actually telling us. Often that is something that has been blown out of proportion, and by seeing where fears came from we can rationally put them to bed, sometimes when we examine them there is actually something that we need to attend to for our own safety. Both of these are, indeed, covered in NLP, but also covered is the ability to just shrink fear away, which I think used wrongly could be a dangerous tool.

The other ethical thing that has really quite affected me is the section on selling. Learning the ways that sales people know to bend your mind and will to sell you something. As I said this course is not equine based, and the information is the same that someone in sales would learn. And it is powerful. And I am not sure that I like to have that much information on how to bend someone’s thinking. The good part of this is that it is making me more aware of how I do affect other people, and I know I will only use the information ethically.

The 7 day practical element will be fun and exciting I think, because I will be working with a firm that I trust, and it will be concentrating on how to help people. Helping people with real live blocks to learning, real concerns, and hopefully making real progress. Now that is worth spending hours learning the stuff that does not thrill me quite so much.

Thank you for your comment Gail, it has made me think some more, see the bigger picture, and I am actually looking forward to picking up a book today.

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  1. Gail Fazio

    Ruth - I think after all the dry reading, you'll find the reward in the 7-day practical element. It seems to me that is your preferred learning style; a more hands on approach.

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