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  1. gymnasticsAs in my last blog, Jay has been super at Dressage, he is now getting mostly 4 and 5 points a test. We did an outing at Port Royal to complete his regionals qualification, although when I entered I did not realise it was a long arena test. Jay is OK with long arena, it is just me who gets a bit lost with the extra markers. Still, we only needed one test to complete our qualification, so I just entered the one and with only one test to learn it did not seem too daunting.


    I did learn the test, but at the venue the lovely lady who had read to me the last time I was here volunteered to read for me again. It was not our best test ever, I think I trained a bit hard the day before and Jay was sound but maybe a bit stiff when initially warming up. Because of that I maybe rode a bit too forward to encourage him to use himself. No worries, it was a bit too forward, and we made a couple of mis-understandings, but generally it was active and happy and Jay achieved more then 68%.


    Yay Hay, that is us qualified, so we can give


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