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  1. Jay on the beach twoWhat a wonderful experience the Indoor Le Trec competition was on 29 March. For starters the spring weather was kind, a lovely warm and sunny day. The people at the competition were kind too, the whole atmosphere was very friendly.

    There was an organised course walk for new people, as well as posters telling you what was required at each obstacle. This was really useful as so far my research has been watching videos on Youtube from other competitions, and this does not tell you what was good or bad about each combination.

    The first competition was an unaffiliated one, and despite his mother having to frequently pull up and confirm what was next (if you think learning a show jumping course or dressage test is difficult, this seemed harder to me), Jay was a total superstar.

    Jay then did the two affilliated classes.

    Last month I said this would be a test of where we are, and I had my answer. I had not reckoned on having to


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