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  1. BettySo summer holidays were here, and all should be well but.. There was a field incident at the beginning of July, don't really know what happened, we fetched Jay in and there was a fence post pulled up, some rails down, and the field looked as if he had ploughed it. He was a bit sore, had the odd scratch, but nothing obvious. In fact a couple of days later there was nothing to see, so we carried on as normal, although with work we were not doing that much.

    Jay did not feel "right". Not lame, but

  2. Buck at LiverpoolWonderful learning was had at the Buck Brannaman clinic in Liverpool at the beginning of June. I loved the clarity and the respect for the horses. It was his first UK clinic, and I may have paraphrased some, but I have tried to be true to the meaning. There was a lot to take in. I also wrote the exercises he did, with points to take care of.

    Some quoted from Buck.....

    "The reins are connected to the feet not the

  3. 2015 getting feet wet on the beachMarch finished well, with Jay jumping. The first jump session was exciting for us all I think, but by the second he had found his rhythm, and all was going well. We also continued to hire a few venues, for flat work and jumping, including taking music to a nearby indoor arena for a dressage to music spectacular.

    Then... A rip to a local country park, where we had a "Lamb Attack" incident on the training gallops...


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